Toddlers' International has been carefully planned and meticulously executed on 11,000 sq .ft. land at a tranquil and pollution free site with lush green surroundings to confer the best facilities to the Toddlers . The exteriors as well as the interiors of the school building are sketched in a way that itself act as a learning aid. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one. All interiors are designed keeping the little ones as the centre of focus. Their inquisitive and eager eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive. Cardinally,exceptional measures are taken for everlasting safety and security of kids.

We are equipped with :

Settling Zones and Classrooms :
Toddlers Settling Zones and Classrooms are capacious , fully air conditioned and have ample lighting and ventilation arrangements as per international standards. The number of Toddlers in each class is restricted, so that the facilitators give individual attention to each and every Toddler. Aesthetically designed furniture has been provided in each classroom and settling zone. All the zones have been created to cater to the creative needs of the tiny tots and keeping the comfort of the Toddlers as the nucleus.

Intellectual Development Zone :
This Zone is designated to demonstrate phonemic awareness and to enhance the Toddlers, logical, cognitive, conceptual, sensory and motor abilities and is equipped with different learning aids to identify colors, shapes, numbers, and letters and to elaborate symbolic and cooperative play.

Auditorium :
A fully air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 80, complete with a LCD projector , acoustics and a Public Address System to serve as a multipurpose hall for school functions, seminars, meetings, workshops , presentations , movie presentations & other events & celebrations

Splash Pool :
A Toddler-friendly 2 feet deep Swimming pool which is cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and supervised by a female instructor every time with kids.

Garden Areas :
The school campus has 2 well maintained garden areas with tall trees , plants and colourful flowers to attract Toddlers and let them freely interact with the nature. There are numerous toy tracks , joy rides and swings in these areas.

Digital Galaxy :
The Computer lab boasts of state of the art computer and digital systems well complemented with hi-speed data exchange services with the thought that what kids see on the computers widens their mental horizons, clarifies concepts, provides them global exposure and a sea of knowledge.

Multipurpose Halls :
The School Campus has 3 sizeable halls delegated for organising various activities such as Yoga, dance, indoor - skating , Taekwondo and others.

Large Open Area :
Especially for Toddlers free play, assembly , festivals and other large-scale Events and celebrations.

In- house Kitchen :
The campus has an in-house kitchen and a separate F&B division to provide healthy , nutritious , balanced , toothsome , clean and hygienic meals to all the Toddlers.

Child Friendly Washrooms :
The washrooms are specifically designed according to the height of the Toddlers and taken care for proper cleanliness. They are under constant super vision of female care takers to attend every kid personally.

Day Care / Baby Sitting Zones :
Separate day care zones are allotted for different age groups. Infants below 2 years are taken care of by senior staff with motherly love and affection. Each day care zone is under intensive care and supervision. These zones have provisions of beds , cots and comfortable bedding for the Toddlers to take rest . In addition, there are LCD television screens ,toys and other educational tools to engross Toddlers and assist them utilise their time fruitfully and constructively.

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