Meals :
From the perspective of holistic child development , meal hours are the quintessential times for Toddlers to adjust socially, observe, interact, communicate and inculcate in them - self based eating habits . In addition, the meal hours are perfect to augment table manners and taste functions of the body. Meal Menu for every month is developed by empanelled & qualified Dietician & Nutritionist being approved by School Management and the F&B team.School's F&B team prepares homely Indian vegetarian meals from fresh vegetables and groceries procured daily from the supermarkets, following strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene.Assortment of meals as per the fondness & taste of Toddlers is served daily as well as on all the festivals, birthday celebrations, in-house events & excursions.

Purified Filtered RO Water : Water purification and filtering systems based on Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) technology are installed in the School Campus and are routinely checked and maintained for appropriate functioning . The F&B team takes utmost care to protect children from water born infections and ensures to serve them RO filtered & purified water at room temperature at regular intervals through utility workers present in the respective class-rooms / zones.

Health Check Ups :
The School Authorities organise complete health checkups for Toddlers during each term by empanelled Paediatricians , Dentists , E.N.T. specialists , Speech Therapists & Child Psychologists to screen them for any disorder or disease and simultaneously educate and inculcate in them various aspects of cleanliness & hygiene such as taking daily wash, brushing teeth twice a day & washing hands before and after meals. Medical reports are shared with the parents to let them gain insights into their ward's periodical health status / growth & development.

Feedback Communication by Facilitators:
In order to keep parents updated & informed on their ward's progress & other activities , regular communication is encouraged between parents & facilitators of respective class groups as per the advise of the School Authorities. The facilitators provide information to the parents about their ward's weekly progress through telephonic / digital means.

Media Sharing :
For parents to cherish & treasure the glimpses of their ward's marvellous journey in the practical world, every moment of Toddlers is captured & recorded by the Toddlers Media Team and these photos and videos are shared with the parents through online media sharing applications.

Parents / Guardian ID-Card :
Photo ID-cards with complete information about school, the Toddler, parents , guardian (responsible to pick up the child) is issued to the Parents / Guardian by the School Authorities which they are required to carry every time along with for picking up the child from the School.

At the time of dispersal or otherwise,only above mentioned persons authorised by School Authorities are permitted to pick up the Toddler. In any case, the Toddler is not handed over to any unknown person or domestic servant or any one else unless he/she possesses a valid & dated photo (cross signed by the parents / guardian ) bearing authority letter duly signed by the parents / guardian , supported by a valid I.D. Card (Election card or Aadhar card) in original for verification & self attested photocopy and also his / her signatures attested by the parents / guardian . Any telecommunication / digital communication with this regard is strictly not entertained.

First Aid Help Desk:
This has been setup in all the class rooms / zones and all other areas of the campus including the Front Office Desk ( F.O.D. ) to provide first aid and preliminary assistance in case of any medical emergency . All the facilitators and utility workers are inducted and trained to provide first aid to the Toddlers.

Security :
Security of the Toddlers is a major focus area and for the same,the School Management and Administration have taken various measures . The entire campus is monitored constantly through CCTV cameras which are installed in all the wings / zones of the campus . All the activities are recorded and scrutinised. Furthermore, only female staff is recruited for teaching, care taking and all other extra curricular activities.Even the School security guards are female and no male parent is allowed beyond Front office area without being escorted by a female school staff member. Next , the campus has potential fire-fighting equipment to deal with any emergency .

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